We create virtual speech
with the voices you love 


VivoText unique technology enables the cloning of any voice to create incredibly life-like digital speech.


We create virtual voices of famous movie stars, celebrated personalities and beloved toy characters.

We also create personal voice libraries of your family and friends.


Conceived by our founder, Gershon Silbert, an internationally acclaimed concert pianist, VivoText's Digital Speech Creation Platform redefines the connection between emotions and linguistic structures in terms of music performance parameters.



Talking Toys & Games
Virtual Narrators
 Personal Digital Voices
Voices from the Past

VivoText is proud to take part in the new Love2Learn Elmo with our voice cloning technology. The new Elmo is a huge step forward in personalization, game play experience and educational content in toys. 

The video was publish by Hasbro Inc.

Toys & Games

VivoText has partnered with Hasbro Inc., the global leader in toys, games and family entertainment, to create virtual voices for their leading brands. Hasbro considers VivoText a “game changer” that will revitalize classic toys, and revolutionize interactive products with personalization and content that is updatable and age related.

VivoText also develops virtual voices designed especially for children.



VivoText’s Virtual Narrator puts celebrity voices at your fingertips to speech enable your videos, slide show presentations, training document and much more.

" I'm most excited by the opportunity for people to use this technology in any way they want... this is a project with meaning, genuineness and authenticity "


                           Neal Conan, Radio Personality.


Digital Voices

VivoText’s Personal Digital Voice application enables everyone to create content with their own virtual voice.


- listen to text messages in the voice of the sender

- toys can speak to kids in the voice of their parents

- People about to lose their voice can preserve it and continue     to communicate with their own voice  


from the


VivoText brought back to life the voice of Shimon Peres, the late President of Israel.

As part of the Prime Minister’s Innovation Summit, the Israeli Innovation Center at the Peres Center for
Peace and Innovation was launched and inaugurated. The summit opened with a hologram of Shimon
Peres reading from his “spiritual will”, written two weeks before his death. Peres delivered his vision in
his own virtual voice, cloned by VivoText.

“We must caution ourselves: Technology without values will endanger humanity, while values without technology will bring about hunger and stagnation.”


                    Shimon Peres, the 9th President of Israel


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